Classes and Choirs

Las Vegas Academy Singers

The school’s top vocal ensemble, the Las Vegas Academy Singers is the choir all majors aspire to reach. The Academy Singers is a select group of students chosen for their high level of musicianship and their ability to blend in the ensemble. They perform a variety of musical genres.

This choir has traveled all over the United States, and has participated in various choir festivals overseas. The choir is in top demand during the Holiday Season as a caroling ensemble, performing around the Las Vegas valley. Thousands are inspired every year by their traditional adaptations of holiday music.

Because this is the premier ensemble at the Las Vegas Academy, professional attitude is regarded just as importantly as musical ability. The Las Vegas Academy Singers are the ‘voice’ of the school, and this responsibility is taken very seriously by all members and choir directors.

Bella Voz

Las Vegas Academy’s most select women’s vocal ensemble, Bella Voz has consistently been one of the school’s most popular. The group performs around the Las Vegas community, especially during the holiday season. Bella Voz participates every year in district festivals and has accepted the invitations of many national festivals. This very demanding choir is for vocal majors who have participated in several years of choral music and/or private vocal training.

Konzert Chorale

This is Las Vegas Academy’s most select concert choir. Konzert Chorale participates every year in district festivals. This very demanding choir is for vocal majors who have participated in several years of choral music.

Les Chanteuses

In this ensemble we work to develop the young singer’s voice. We concentrate on the fundamentals of healthy singing, sight singing, and music theory in addition to a variety of music repertoire. There is no limitation to the size of this group. This group performs a variety of choral music. They perform at all school concerts & district festivals.


The largest ensemble at Las Vegas Academy, Cantare is a mixed chorale, and performs a variety of music. They perform at large choir district festivals, as well as all choir concerts. Cantare is for students who successfully display the skills necessary in their audition to be placed in this prestigious school.



Our premiere mens choir.


Vocal Jazz

We have five vocal jazz ensembles.


Op Shop (Opera Workshop)