Bella Voz

Instructor: Mrs. Franke

This is LVA’s most select women’s vocal ensemble. They perform a variety of musical genres. This group performs around the community and receives advanced vocal & musical training. They also perform in all district festivals and contests. Bella Voz members are hired professionally to carol during the holiday season.

Bella Voz is for choir majors who have participated in several years of choral music and/or private vocal training. In addition to strong and competent vocal technique, good general musicianship is essential. This class is for upperclassmen.

Requirements for acceptance are based upon, but not limited to the following categories:

Advanced Vocal Technique
Advanced music theory knowledge
Sight-reading (melodic & rhythmic)
Part independence
Pitch retention
Teamwork/Positive Attitude

Bella Voz meets during regular school hours – currently the 5th and 6th blocks. In addition, they may be required to attend lunch and after school rehearsals when necessary as well as all choral department performances and extra ‘gigs’ around the community. It is intended that the Bella Voz will participate in one out of state/country tour each school year. This is a very demanding class that requires great commitment, punctuality, and flexibility.